Are you considering making a bigger transformation in your life? And although you probably already know what you need the change, perhaps you don’t exactly know where to start, what direction to take and where to find courage for the journey ahead? This 12-month program is for you.


Whatever area of your life you want to change, one thing is for sure. Transformation takes time and hard work. During the 12 months that we work together, you will identify goals and direction for your transformation based on your values and your own vision. I will challenge you to explore and venture outside of your comfort zone and get to know yourself on a deep level. You will explore your purpose and discover your full potential, while creating a more loving, non-judgmental relationship with yourself, honoring the person you are now and who you are becoming. 


As we work together, you will gain courage and confidence through setting and meeting ambitious, and sometimes scary goals. And when old self-sabotaging patterns and negative self-talk arise during the process, I will be there with you, navigating the way out of those stuck perspectives. You will understand how your goals, full self-expression and your well-being link to all areas of your life and how to sustain your authentic way of being. I will help you to master self-leadership so that you remain focused and motivated in your transformation throughout the process. Transformation is all about finding your own path and courageously walk it, so that you can experience a fulfilled and meaningful life and ultimately find opportunities and balance beyond the transformation.


The process is completely based on your individual needs and progress. As your Coach, my passion is to empower you to live your best life through identifying goals that match your values and enable you to experience a meaningful life in your full potential. 


A thriving coaching partnership will require your full commitment and diligent work towards your goals. Together we will make the journey successful and fun!


Available in Finnish and English.


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Duration: 12 months
Sessions:  24 x 60 min
Location: Online or in person
Price: 3 000 EUR (250 EUR/month)
Price includes VAT 24 %