Do you want thriving employees who shine at creativity, problem-solving and productivity?


I worked in a corporate office environment for years, in busy projects with tight deadlines. I was often extremely stressed out and my body became stiff which led to back pain, among other things. 


Working a hectic office job has become the way most of us work. No matter how ergonomic our desk, our bodies still easily get stiff because we don’t move enough during the day. Stress accumulates during the day as we multitask without breaks and it easily starts eating up our creativity, problem-solving skills, and eventually joy.


As a very positive trend, more and more attention is being paid on how employees recover from stress in their free time. However, there is an increasing awareness of the necessity of stress recovery during the working day as well.


Yoga is one of the best known and most effective ways to relieve momentary and long-term stress. It is a great way to

  • reduce tension in the body

  • reduce feeling busy and burdened 

  • increase problem-solving skills

  • increase creative thinking

  • increase productivity

  • increase well-being


I work with companies so they can offer their employees an opportunity to reduce stress in the middle of their working day. I offer several opportunities for bringing yoga into the office!




Do you want thriving employees who shine at creativity, problem-solving and productivity?


Contact me for a free BALANCE BREAK demo at your office!


Prolonged stress and a continuous hustling at work have a negative impact on health, well-being and work performance. Yoga is one of the best known and most effective ways to relieve momentary and long-term stress.


BALANCE BREAK is a weekly low-threshold opportunity for employees to increase their well-being and stress recovery during the working day. It includes calming breathing exercises, relaxing and refreshing postures and flows of movement, as well as mindfulness exercises. No previous experience is required for these easy practices.


Deliberately slowing down and deepening the breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, calming down the stressed body and mind. Adding that to specific postures and flows of movement allows the body to relax and unwind. Furthermore, by focusing on the moment, it is possible to release the worries of the past and the future.


For easy access, BALANCE BREAK is light and short (30-45 minutes) and available weekly for employees at the office in the middle of the working day. Changing or showering is not necessary.


Available in Finnish and English.

Balance Break Details:

Session: 30 min
Location: Client’s office
Price: 100 EUR + VAT 24%


I also teach full yoga classes at the office which makes it easy and convenient for the employees.


My classes consist of dymamic flows, breathing excercises and meditation and mindfulness excercises. Positivity and good vibes, as well as taking all of the participants into account are big part of my classes. I will always ask for what you and your employees need and tailor the class accordingly.  

Office Yoga Details:

Session: 45-60min
Location: Client’s office
Price: 160 EUR/hour + VAT 10%


I bring yoga for your company’s recreation and team-building days and Balance Break for your Strategy meetings. I will tailor a yoga class or a workshop to your needs, to make sure the class matches the participant’s needs and the nature of the event. Ask for what you need and we will make it happen!

Workshops and Events Details:

Session: 1-3 hours
Location: Venue determined by the Client
Price: 160 EUR/hour + VAT 24%

If you have any questions or want to book session, let me know - I am here for you!

Sari Sironen

Life Coach  I  Yoga Instructor  I  M.Sci

Helsinki, Finland

Tel: +358 41 318 1862


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