Do you find yourself unmotivated and stuck in some area of your life, unsure of what to do next? Or do you struggle with finding balance in your life so that you can experience both success and well-being? This 6-month program is for you.


During our work together, you will find new perspectives to your situation and get in touch with yourself and your life on a deeper level. You will discover what is important to you and what a meaningful and inspiring life looks like for you, gaining a new understanding of how to get unstuck and move forward.  You will explore who you truly are and tap into your inner strength and self-leadership so that you can start your journey into your full potential. Setting new goals and creating a vision for yourself will support your progress, increasing productivity and focus. You will understand how your goals and well-being link with each other and with other areas of your life so that you can discover what a balanced life looks like for you. We will work together to recognize your negative self-talk and old self-sabotaging patterns, and you will find a more loving, non-judgmental relationship with yourself. 


The process is completely based on your individual needs and progress. As your Coach, my passion is to empower you to live your best life through identifying goals that match your values and enable you to experience a meaningful life in your full potential. 


A thriving coaching partnership will require your full commitment and diligent work towards your goals. Together we will make the journey successful and fun!


Available in Finnish and English.


Ready to get going? Start by booking a Free Session with me or contact me directly for more information.


Duration: 6 months
Sessions:  12 x 60 min
Location: Online or in person
Price: 1 500 EUR (250 EUR/month)
Price includes VAT 24 %

If you have any questions or want to book session, let me know - I am here for you!

Sari Sironen

Life Coach  I  Yoga Instructor  I  M.Sci

Helsinki, Finland

Tel: +358 41 318 1862


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