Whether your focus is on your career, relationships, yourself, or something else, this 4-month program is for you who already have a clear sense of what you need in your life next. 


During our work together, you will clarify your goals, finding a deeper understanding of what really is important to you and why. You will tap into your self-leadership and get inspired to start moving towards your vision, perhaps finally harvesting those low hanging fruits in front of you. You will explore your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and get a new understanding of what has previously been holding you back. During our work together you will deepen your self-awareness and understanding of what a meaningful and fulfilling life looks like for you. You will get in touch with who you are underneath the busy life, finding your own ways of reducing stress and taking care of yourself.


The process is completely based on your individual needs and progress. As your Coach, my passion is to empower you to live your best life through identifying goals that match your values and enable you to experience a meaningful life in your full potential. 


A thriving coaching partnership will require your full commitment and diligent work towards your goals. Together we will make the journey successful and fun!


Available in Finnish and English.


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Duration: 4 months
Sessions:  8 x 60 min
Location: Online or in person
Price: 1 000 EUR (250 EUR/month)
Price includes VAT 24 %